We invest in small and medium-sized companies with growth ambitions

Cinclus was established in 2006 as a company that focuses on making investments in the Norwegian SME market. A limited number of professional investor communities exist in this segment, resulting in limited access to growth capital. Adding growth capital and expertise to the best companies provided significant additional returns for our investors.

Cinclus is seeking businesses with scalable business models

Our goal is to work with management who have the ability and willingness to lift their company to a position of prominence in their market. Although our focus has traditionally been on oil, gas, and IT software development, we intend to shift focus into the transformation of greener economies within several industries.

It is important to us that we build teams, both on the franchise and ownership sides, so we prefer to invest with others, whether they are founders, former owners, management or anyone else. We are flexible when it comes to ownership, but we always want a representative on the board. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have a company that needs a boost.

We provide strategic and operational advice to owners and top management in companies to increase value creation. As a team, the business and investors should share the same goal of creating value. Our formula is simple: A strong analytical and strategic approach, dedication, and humility.

Sven Petter Omdal